There are two options: a rapid test within 24 hours of departure or an RT-PCR/RTLAMP test that was administered within the last 72 hours. If your U.S. passport is lost or stolen in Vietnam, you will need both a replacement passport and a replacement Vietnamese visa in order to legally remain in and depart Vietnam. The U.S. Embassy or Consulate General can not expedite the replacement process for your Vietnamese visa. If you plan to travel from Vietnam to Laos by land, you should request that an adhesive visa be affixed to your passport instead of a detachable one.

Officials at Lao immigration require proof that travelers have left Vietnam. This can only be done with an adhesive visa. Vietnamese officials remove detachable Visas from passports for travelers leaving Vietnam. This leaves travelers without any proof of Vietnam departure.

Businesses/employees are advised to give renewed consideration to the entry document requirements if they intend to avail of the favourable policies. Due to the limited flight options and lack of quarantine options, it can be difficult for Vietnamese expatriates to fly to Vietnam. To enter Vietnam, you do not need to fill out a specific form of health declaration. However, travelers may be asked to install and use the PC-COVID mobile application on their Android or iOS device.

To ensure that you are allowed to travel to the destination country, please check the visa requirements. Non-resident foreigners should consider purchasing travel insurance that covers COVID-19. The validity of your visa depends on the purpose of your travel. Tourist Visas are generally issued for one-entry. Work or business visas can be issued for multiple entries, up to one year. To apply for a Visa On Arrival to Vietnam, you must first apply for an Approval letter from the Vietnamese Immigration Department.

vietnam travel entry requirements

Need a fast, easy and inexpensive way to get a photo you can use for your passport or visa application? We will take care of the rest ensuring your photo meets government and consular requirements. Violent crime against foreigners occurs very rarely. However, petty crimes like theft and pick-pocketing are common, especially in tourist areas and crowded areas. Typically, petty crime increases during Christmas and Tet holidays, even in well-lit areas. Motorcyclists are known for stealing valuables from pedestrians and passengers riding in “cyclos” (motorcycles). Sometimes, they use a knife to cut bag straps. Offenders might also use a knife to threaten and rob you while you are withdrawing money from an ATM.

This process was slow, inconsistent, and inefficient. It is possible to travel to Vietnam without having been fully vaccinated. The government does not distinguish between unvaccinated and vaccinated arrivals. All travellers will have to undergo the general Covid-19 entry requirements prevalent in the country. Furthermore, the authorities have also informed government agencies to restore immigration and visa procedures as before the pandemic, allowing citizens from 80 countries to now apply for an e-visa for a stay of up to 30 days. Netherlands Tourist VisaHow to get a Netherlands Visa in United States.

Atlys works only with official sources and can verify the authenticity of any documents. You must show the necessary documents at the airport or any other port when leaving the country. You must provide a negative RTPCR or Rapid Anigen test results, a valid passport and your flight itinerary.

Those who are not eligible for the eVisa or want to have a visa on their passport before they travel to Vietnam can also apply from an Embassy in their country. All U.S. citizens visiting Vietnam should register with the STEP program before their trip. This State Department program offers additional information and support in times of emergency.

The government has resumed issuing visas and no longer requires entrants to quarantine, regardless of vaccination status. Officials may require symptomatic passengers to undergo COVID-19 tests upon arrival. During their visit, visitors must download the PC COVID mobile app.

Check with local authorities before visiting border areas to see if you need to obtain a travel permit issued by local authorities. American citizens were detained after they traveled in areas near the Vietnamese border with China, Cambodia, Laos, and Laos. These areas are not always marked and there are no warnings regarding prohibited travel.

Vietnam does not require foreign nationals traveling for tourism to show proof of vaccination against COVID-19. Health authorities in Vietnam have sought to aggressively promote COVID-19 vaccines domestically and a relatively high proportion of Vietnamese are vaccinated against COVID-19. This has allowed the government to relax its concern about foreign visitors’ vaccination status. Obviously, being fully vaccinated and bosted is a good idea; however, it is not a requirement to visit Vietnam. Furthermore, Vietnam has also suspended medical declarations for all arrivals from 27 April 2022, and the domestic health declaration requirement has also been dropped starting 30 April 2022. Tourists who travel to Vietnam must have travel or medical insurance that covers COVID-19 treatment. The minimum liability is USD10,000