How to visit Hang Son Doong Visits to the cave can only be booked with Oxalis Adventure. Head to their website to check availability and book well in advance. The three-night expedition is challenging and includes tough trekking, underground river crossings, and technical caving. Anyone who struggles significantly with the climbing elements will be turned back on the first day.

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On the flip side, my travel budget increased significantly when I was traveling with my partner or friends from home. Those days included 5-star hotels, nice restaurants, and drinks out. Take the tourist bus – It is actually cheaper to take the tourist bus around the country than taking local transportation because of the “tourist” price you get at the bus station. Tickets from one end to the other of Vietnam will cost approximately 1,200,000 VND For those looking to cook their own meals, expect to pay at least 400,000 VND per week for basic groceries. Be sure to shop at the local markets to get the cheapest and freshest food.

It’s best to budget $60-100 per day for a comfortable, mid-range experience in Vietnam. This will allow you to afford a comfortable three- to four-star hotel room, eat at mid-range to high end restaurants, and visit most attractions and activities. For one person, a week-long vacation in Vietnam costs around d8,433,074. For a week, a trip to Vietnam with two people will cost around d16.866,149 A trip for two weeks for two people costs d33,732,297 in Vietnam. A family of three to four people traveling together will often get a lower price because the tickets for children are less expensive and rooms in hotels can be shared.

Because eating out is so expensive, self-catering facilities are rare. For a budget hotel with a double bed, expect to pay around 225,000 VND per night. This will often include free WiFi and breakfast.

Now, you can fly from Mumbai to Vietnam in less than 5 hours РCond̩ Nast Traveller India

Now, you can fly from Mumbai to Vietnam in less than 5 hours.

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Our local trips are all about exploring a destination in-depth, with lots of culturally immersive experiences and interactions with the locals included in the cost of your trip. Perfectly located hotels and unforgettable Special Stays always reflect the cultures you visit. Dong are not currently available in Vietnam, so you can take small-denomination American Dollars to use until your bank or ATM opens. Most banks and exchange bureaus don’t charge to convert foreign currency into dong. Banks in major cities will accept euros, other major currencies, and may not accept dollars from others.