Violent crimes rarely occur and the main safety concern for solo female travelers in Vietnam is petty crimes such as pickpocket, theft and bag snatching. These crimes are most common in crowded areas or on public transport if travelers are distracted. However, good news is that the rate of petty crimes is still relatively low. Just like other traveling ways, traveling solo in Vietnam can bring rewarding yet equally challenging experiences because you pretty only have yourself to rely on. Safety issues understandably are often a concern for solo travelers, especially female solo travelers in Vietnam.

As solo female travelers in Vietnam continue to increase in numbers, it’s not difficult to find short female-only tours. Women will generally feel comfortable when traveling alone in Vietnam. That’s not to say that solo travel in Vietnam is about being alone all day. Traveling alone can make you more friends over the long-term. When you travel with someone you know, you’re bound to share amazing experiences, but you don’t really step outside of your comfort zone. Out there on your own, friendships have the opportunity to flourish.

Foreign arrivals surge by 6.8 times in six months –

Foreign arrivals surge by 6.8 times in six months.

Posted: Wed, 29 Jun 2022 08:11:00 GMT [source]

You can also explore all top Hanoi city attractions from the Old Quarter. Ta Ho and Ba Dinh are also best if you want to keep yourself away from the hustle and bustle of the city. One particularly amazing experience is a3-day homestay tour in Sapa, Vietnam.

Old quarters have lot of option for affordable shopping. Travel agent Jenny Pham from LVP Travel agency explained and arranged everything properly before and during the travel. She also gave all the timely information which we asked during the trip. You can find accommodation for as little as $9 to $16 a night and street food such as pho for less than $2. Bus travel is the most affordable mode of transport. The 10-hour journey between Ho Chi Ming City (Nha Trang) costs $7.

In the Mekong Delta, boats and ferries are a leisurely option for slow travellers. Cross-country Reunification Express trains have cars with four to six berths. This allows you to meet other travellers and share stories during the ride. Solo travellers will have the best trip of their lives in Vietnam. Vietnamese are a wonderful country to share your journey with and will gladly show you the best of Vietnam if you’re interested. Continue reading to discover why Vietnam is a great travel.

Street food is all over Vietnam, and it’s delicious. But there are some street snacks that you should be cautious of. Occasionally you’ll walk past street vendors carrying plastic bags of little brown donuts. They’ll stop and ask if you’d like to try one for free .

You can find all major attractions within walking distance. It is best to eat street food at open-air stalls along the roadsides. Hanoi Old Quarter is a popular tourist area for eating and sleeping. a budget. Plenty of budget accommodations from hostels to hotels are available and best to stay.

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In tourist areas and at the beaches you are okay to dress in this manner, however, you should cover up a little more in small towns and rural areas and at least wear trousers and a t-shirt. There are plenty of markets around the major cities that sell local clothing at low prices. You are expected to cover your legs, arms and legs at temples and pagodas. If you are travelling alone in Vietnam, it is better to err on the side of conservative so as to avoid drawing unwanted attention to yourself.

Stick to Vinasun or Mai Linh taxis, which are highly regarded. When planning a solo adventure, choosing which country to travel can be daunting. Do not worry if you are having trouble deciding. We have the perfect destination for you. Here are our six reasons to travel solo in Vietnam on one of our award-winning group tours. The bus is the most convenient way of getting around Vietnam between cities. Nearly all cities are well connected and there are many types of buses and minivans.

The trip was well-planned and the hotel provided was excellent in Hanoi’s center. We arrived in Hanoi pretty early around 6 am , the cab facility to the hotel was arranged. Everything was well arranged and Room provided was also best. Next day we went to Ning Bing Pagoda temple , boating, trekking the pickup and drop was well planned and we were able to do all activities within time.

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