July is a great month for mountain and beach lovers. You will be delighted with the 3000 km of coastline that runs from the north to south of Vietnam. You can also find mountainous destinations in Sa Pa, Pu Luong and Dalat. Get summer promotions and help plan your trip to Vietnam by contacting us. North Vietnam weather patterns create distinct Winter and Summer seasons, as well as shoulder Spring and Fall seasons.

It’s cooler in the highlands, but this means conditions are more comfortable for outdoor activities like trekking. The UNESCO-listed world heritage site of Halong Bay needs to be on the itinerary of every traveler, especially if one is visiting Vietnam in summer or spring. Most famous is the cruise tour that takes you past the limestone islands topped with rainforests. However, those visiting in summers can discover the bay in an entirely different way. Tourists can relax at the beaches, visit the cool caves and swim in the sparkling waters.

  • In central Vietnam, however, the coast is warm and usually dry head for Hoi An and Da Nang and bring your beach towel.
  • Favorable water conditions in Con Dao island can still be enjoyed but it is realistically the last month of the dive season.
  • Otherwise, monsoon season usually just equates to regular afternoon downpours–nothing that will severely deter your experience.
  • High season is back, and many tourists flock to Vietnam in the winter months.
  • Added to which, visitor numbers in Vietnam tend to be fewer in June.

February is a popular month to travel to Vietnam. It offers warm, dry, and sunny weather throughout most of the country. Vietnam in February is great for trekking and cycling. A warm jacket for the evenings is recommended. Danang and Hoi An are popular destinations for sunseekers.

Tet Nguyen Dan may fall in February. This means that hotels will be booked up and many restaurants and shops will close for the country-wide celebration. We have heard hundreds of client feedback about what they liked and didn’t love during each season.

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Travel firms make plans for summer vacation.

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Rain will make you feel cooler and more comfortable. July is the off-peak season, so it is great for joining water activities such as kayaking, swimming, snorkeling… or exploring a quieter and less hectic. When visiting Halong Bay this time of the year, do not forget to bring sunscreen, a swimsuit, caps, hats, and sunglasses as it helps to protect yourself from the heat of summer.

It rains for a period of one to two weeks each year. We recommend packing shoes you don’t mind getting wet or muddy, a rain jacket/poncho, and a sturdy umbrella during these times. It is best to leave motorbiking and biking for other areas during this time. The best time to travel along the Mekong delta is between November and April in the dry season. Though November to January are the best months to visit because the average temperature will not be excessively high and the wet season will have passed. See our detailed best time to cruise the Mekong River article.

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Vietnam’s low season falls during the transition from winter to summer, and summer to winter. This period offers unsettled weather that can bring glorious days of sunshine but also rainy days. It’s a great time of year to visit if you want to avoid the tourist crowds or if you are looking to see the entire country. The weather in Vietnam is defined by the monsoon season. The rains of the southern summer monsoon bring rain to the two deltas as well as the west-facing slopes. At the same time, the cold winter monsoon picks up moisture over the Gulf of Tonkin and dumps it along thecentral coastand the eastern edge of the central highlands. May offers a wonderful opportunity to miss the high season prices of April.

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