The first trip was a half day trip with our Mum’s and both boys, and then a seperate overnight trip for just Gavin and I (while the grandmothers babysat! ). With a Tata AIG travel insurance policy, you can cover the delay or loss of your baggage. When in Vietnam, if your baggage reaches you late, your travel insurance Vietnam plan will cover the cost of the essential items needed until you receive your baggage.

To assist foreigners and streamline applications, the government of India has simplified its visa process. Citizens from more than 169 countries can now access the online Indian Visa (eVisa) starting in 2014. Hang Son Doong is located in the heart Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park and is known for being the largest cave in the world. It is also one of the most stunning sights in Southeast Asia. The trekkers are limited to 10 per trip and are accompanied by a small number of cooks and porters.

Access to the Internet is still tightly controlled. Officially you are not allowed to hike here without a licensed tour operator. Trekking tours can be organised at hotels and tour operators in Son Trach village . Good options include Hai’s Eco Tours and Jungle Boss Trekking. These trips can all be booked directly through Oxalis Adventure. They are the only provider that allows trips into Son Doong.

You have the freedom to travel with your private group. You can also choose your departure date and add days at the end of your trip if you wish to extend your stay. So, if you’d like to celebrate your birthday with friends, a wedding anniversary or simply book a holiday to Vietnam with the ones you love, just let us know your group size and dates, and we’ll do the rest. According to Vietjet airline, the announcement to connect five new routes was made at the Da Nang Investment Forum 2022. It’s also an attempt at promoting Da Nang globally and attracting more tourists.

Tourists who travel to Vietnam must have medical or travel insurance that covers COVID-19 treatment. The minimum liability is USD10,000 One of my favorite places is sitting on the banks the Red River Hanoi. Be prepared for the chaotic, crowded traffic in Hanoi, but also know that it is a must-see on your Southeast Asia itinerary.

Allow at least 3 to 4 weeks to explore the Vietnam from North to South. Review organizations to find out if they are giving back to the community. You can check our one-month Vietnam itinerary to help you. It have travel insurance for Vietnam from India. However, it is important to have a travel insurance plan so that you do not have to face any travel or medical emergencies in the country without the support of a travel insurance plan.

You will find magnificent rimstone pools throughout the cave. There are also rivers that are perfect for swimming. How to visit Hang Son Doong Visits to the cave can only be booked with Oxalis Adventure. Visit their website to verify availability and make reservations well in advance.